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Queer, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and/or LGBTIA+ folks who are also current or former students, educators or carers at a primary or secondary school in Scotland: 

How have you survived and navigated through school so far?  

When have you experienced moments of joy or celebration?

Add your voice to this catalogue of experiences at school: from and for queer people, beyond tolerance and diversity.

Find out more about the archive here.

Contribute to the archive

Using the pink buttons below, please upload 1-5 artifacts (anything that can be photographed, screenshot, recorded or linked) that shows your answer to *any* of these questions:  

  • How did/do you survive your time in school? What tips, tricks, strategies, or relationships have kept you safe(r)? How did/do you make it through your day?

  • What has kept you in school(s)? What activities or connections have sustained you?

  • When have you experienced moments of joy or celebration?  What is happening in your school(s) that should be celebrated?

  • When and where have you felt respected, protected, or understood at school? Where at school do you most feel like yourself?

  • How do/have you challenged cisheteronormativity in your school(s)? 

Add 1-5 images
Add video file
Add document file
Add audio file

Please remember that your contributions may be edited for anonymity!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Thank you! Your content has been submitted!!

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